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Monterey Bay, California 

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Meet Christina Morales

Natural Health Specialist & Clinical Herbalist

Christina Morales is a Clinical Herbalist, mother of a son and fur baby Lola, dancer, healer, teacher, woman of spirit, lover of God and a social entrepreneur. In 2020, Christina graduated from The Denver School of Herbalism Roots while running a digital marketing boutique for wellness and creative practitioners.


She is passionate about expanding wellness in the digital landscape to bring wellness into modern times. In 2020, Christina founded La Mariposa Sol taping into her ancestral wisdom for health and spiritual well-being.


After over 20 years of living a healthy lifestyle; with her faith in God, she followed her calling and purpose and became an herbalist sharing her knowledge with others for wellness and health. Her heart would like to protect the ancestral and Indigenous knowledge of her people in Mexico. She supports Indigenous traditional herbal medicine and artisans art through the sale of their products to protect the land and her people. 

She loves the power of healing with flowers, scent, beauty and nature to restore balance. She loves to craft beauty with photography of beautiful flowers and the scent of perfumery. She lives in Monterey, California and loves the power of the land and sea. She is passionate about perfumery, aromatherapy and flower essences and the healing power of nature. She is a natural perfumer and is passionate about scent and beauty for healing and transformation. 


She has her MA in Marketing and Communication and loves the beauty and communication of plants, flowers, sea and forest. La Mariposa Sol offers custom perfume, canna-botanicals, aromatherapy, flower essence consultations and custom blends.


She can capture the beauty of the spirit essence of place or plant. She is the creator of "The Monterey Flower and Environmental Essences" She is the bridge builder of culture of artist and community to change, heal and grow in wholeness and health. She offers herbal retreats for women to Mexico, Greece, France and Italy. 


Why Plant Medicine ?

Some areas that it can help with and More!

Pink and Black Butterfly

The road to health is paved with good intestines. It’s true; the gut is the gateway to optimal physical and psychological health. 


A condition that occurs as a result of stress over prolonged periods, adrenal fatigue has symptoms that may feel similar to chronic fatigue, but it cannot be healed with sleep and rest alone.


Use natural detox herbs along with eating plant life to naturally support the health of organs in the body. This will supply the body with a natural and balanced concentration of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and phytonutrients that help to remove toxins from the body. 

Women's Health

For thousands of years, herbs have been consumed as part of rituals of menstruation and as part of supporting a woman through her transitions into puberty, motherhood and menopause. And today, botanical medicines provide potent medicine for modern women.

Weight Loss

Many people turn to herbs for weighloss, as they can provide a simple and daily boost to your metabolism


The right herbs can be a potent tool to help you calm the stresses and enjoy more resiliency.

— Monique Hale