Cannabis Botanical Formulas 

Integrate the healing properties of cannabis for natural well-being and improved wellness.

Cannabis is a natural remedy for stress reduction and a balanced well-being. Use cannabis to shift and transform any imbalance. 

Cannabis is part of my herbal apothecary from my own personal journey of using cannabis for stress reduction, depression and healing pain from an ankle sprain and bone break. 

Brown Containers

Plant Medicine

Cannabis Holistic Medicine

Common herbs work well with cannabis and I work with cannabis and medicinal herbs synergistically. I use the formulas in tincture, salves, oils, infused honey, glycerites and tea brews. I respect and honor the healing compounds of the plant to infuse healing holistically. 


Single Botanical 

Single Formula

Single compound in organic coconut oil, avocado oil salve and tincture formula in alcohol. 

Image by Kimzy Nanney

Canna Herbal Blends

Synergistic Blends

Cannabis and medicinal herbal formulas in oil, salve and in tincture formulas. 


Infused Honey & Glycerite 

Cannabis Infused 

Canna infused honey and glycerite formulas of botanical medicine. 

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