Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy supports a healthy emotional life, while nurturing a truly Soulful life! It helps us face challenges, build qualities, change patterns.

It also helps us improve mental attitudes, spiritual connection and overall alignment; it improves our connection with our bodies and with the body of the Earth.

On a deeper level, Flower Essence Therapy supports Soul Evolution through the many stages of embodied human life from conception, birth, all the way to the very end, when the soul eventually leaves the body, transitioning to other dimensions. We specialize in flower essences, perfumery and clinical herbalism.

Colorful Flowers
Healing Power of Flowers

Custom Flower Remedies

Get your very own custom remedy to address your needs. Single and blended remedies are available.

Beauty Product

Monterey Flower Essences

Monterey flower and environmental essences to address any imbalance and to bring harmony and balance. 

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