Natural Custom Perfume

Custom, Natural  Perfume in an Oil Base and Solid Perfume Tins.


Most natural perfumers say that they prefer natural scents because of their rich, complex and layered aroma; there is also a sense of connection with nature and the world at large that cannot be obtained from synthetics. For thousands of years nature was the only source of perfume ingredients. 

Aromatic grasses, herbs, fragrant flowers, woods, roots and resins, as well as animal derived ingredients were all used on their own or combined, powdered, distilled, infused or macerated; for millennia, they provided civilizations with sweet (and not so sweet) smelling incense, powders, balms and oils.

These creations were used in temples, homes, baths, boudoirs, public spaces, in battles, celebrations, and in tombs.

Have  your own custom blend and  get it in a lotion, spray and perfume.

Aromatherapy Oil

Natural Perfume

Perfume and solid perfume blends in a natural base to make your own scent.

Homeopathic Bottles

Perfume Blending

Scent blending to make your own blend and a scent right for you. Perfume consultation and blending.

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